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Chronicals of Lake Narocz by Mieczyslaw Lisiewicz

This long out of print autobiographical work by this Polish author is reproduced here in full. I have transcribed the work and present it here for all to read. Copyright remains the property of the owners whoever and wherever they are. If anyone who is reading this has any historical facts, documents, maps or photographs about Narocz I would be very grateful if you would contact me, Alan at Landschaft I hope readers enjoy, as I have, the tales from this forgotten corner of the world.

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Translator's Note

Author's Forward

Chapter I: On the Adriatic

Chapter II: The Map

Chapter III: On the Hatowiczean Shore

Chapter IV: All the Fishes' Fault

Chapter V: The Naroczan Tragedy

Chapter VI: Spring on the lake

Chapter VII: Terror by the Island

Chapter VIII: The Church on the Shore

Chapter IX: The Sad Truth of the Legend

Chapter X: Aza has a Friend

Chapter XI: The First Steps

Chapter XII: Nights with Canvas Set

Chapter XIII: The Death of Aza

Chapter XIV: The Spells of Autumn

Chapter XV: The Wicked Sportsmen's Hell

Chapter XVI: Winter on the Lake

Chapter XVII: Twenty-Three Years Ago

Chapter XVIII: How a Tragedy Sank in the Mud

Chapter XIX: Wolf's hunting

Chapter XX: An Unexpected Ending