Klaus Wiese

Here are listed the 50 albums presented on Klaus's website that at May 2020 is still extant. For how long who knows? Discogs and YouTube are good places to look for more information, and more of his prodigious output. Bandcamp has his work listed. Discogs has a Reviews posting thread that goes into some depth on a seeming controversy over Wiese's unpublished work, some of which appeared a number of years after his death. Someone called Lev Levin has researched using software to attempt to identify likelihood of authorship. It all makes a lot of sense. Weiese was so prolific that there would inevitably have been a huge volume of out-takes, part complete works. I came across Wiese's music link hopping in YouTube. 'Ommayads' on the Umbra Label KW011 (2004)in CDr format is not listed below. I was able to track down some Klaus Wiese at cue-records. I can sympathise with Wiese in how to move a work from a series of fragmented ideas and takes into a completed rounded end work, often in the face of failing unpredictable technology and uncertain collaboration commitment. Wiese has taken that fragmentation a step further than most, combining volume of output with a bewildering spectrum of here today gone tomorrow publishers leaving an uncertain legacy that is elusive to track down. I pity the executor of his creative estate. Bandcamp carries remasters, previously unreleased material etc curated, it seems, by one Sanjay Nadeem in India via the Arc Music label (can't find a website, other than Bandcamp). Utterly bewildering.

website: Klaus Wiese

Original Releases






06.Qumra I

07.Sabiha Sabiya

08.Klangschalen Meditation

09.Qumra II

10.Secret Doctrine: Cassette release. It has a less produced feel than other of his work. That doesn't diminish the sense of purpose and honesty of the work.


12.Mahakala Puja




16.Tibetische Klangschalen I Edition Akasha pubd first on cassette in 1985. Then was released remastered CDr on (the late) Oophoi's Umbra label as KW 045

17.Tibetische Klangschalen II: Listened to these two albums, I and II, 17 May 2020 - TK-2 is slightly more upbeat then TK-1 if that is possible to say of monotone with Tibetan singing bowls. The drone is pitched higher and the bowls KW uses are lower in pitch than TK-1. Available at Silenzio a German New Age/Buddhist website.


19.El Hadra

20.Mystic Landscapes: Cassette release. Cover notes:- "KWTP0005 1992 Tiloka Trading Co. Inc., Randalstown, MD 21133 USA Phone 1.800.Triloca KLAUS WIESE Mystic Landscapes presents hermetic trance music is a combination of the space-sound of Tibetan singing bowls, the ney flute and the sponateous rhythm of the Indian drum, the table. This music goes back to the roots of tribal ritual music, where spirit and earth are still one. Mystic Landscape are the forgotten landscapes of our own psyche: awesome, uncharted and radiating with the power of silence. Tibetan singing bowls, ney flute, tabla." Listened to Mystic Lnadscapes II on YouTube. Phonomenal. Tabla and sustained deep hum. Mesmerising and powerful.





25.Cosmic Glue




29.A Kaori







36.Angels breakiní

37.Qalandar, The Black Rose



40.Ming Noir




44.Holy Domain

45.The path of whithe clouds

46.Arcana: 2019 remastered, released by Arc Music - see Bandcamp.

47.Touch of Silence

48.The Alchemy of Happiness: Listened to this album 17 May 2020 An Eno-Thursday Afternoon-esque zone-out masterpiece recorded in 2006. Wiese's input was production and advisory, Al Gromer Khan composed and recorded.



Misc other releases

Cosmic Glue: Cassette release. Edition Akasha. Cover notes:- "Cosmic Glue I and II 1991 Tonstudio Braune Distribution: Akasha-Versand Postfach 14 01 64 - 8000 Munchen 5: Cover Overtones Cosmic Glue"

Remasters and Re-releases on Arc Music

Below the copy as it appears in Bandcamp, album name first, then in brackets commentary from Arc Music. I have added coomments afterwards in [square brackets]

Quasar (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Lost Tapes #1 (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Infinitum (2020 Version - Remastered + Complete Album included)

Trance Wave II (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Expanse (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

El Hadra (2019 Version - Remastered + Complete Album included)

Nibiru (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Mystic Landscapes (Previously Unreleased + New Music - Remastered) [see 20. above this was released previously as cassette KWTP0005 in 1992]

Submental (Complete Mixed Album included)

Hypnosis (Previously Unreleased + Complete Mixed Album included)

Stillness Within (Complete Album included)

Okeanos (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Space II (Previously Unreleased + Complete Mixed Album included)

Ethera (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Roots (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Arcana (2019 Version - Remastered + Complete Album included)

Clouds (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Iremia (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Cocoon (Previously Unreleased + nearly 1.5 hours play time)

Origin (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Canyon (Previously Unreleased Version + Complete Album included)

Opal (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Rest (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Eclipse (Previously Unreleased + nearly 2 hours play time)

Meditation :: Volume 1 (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Meditation :: Volume 2 (Previously Unreleased + Complete Album included)

Meditation :: Volume 3 (Previously Unreleased + Full Length Album included)

Moksha (2016 Version - Remastered)

Divine Orbit (Previously Unreleased Version - Remastered)

Aeon (All Tracks + Complete Mixed Album included)

Ruh (Previously Unreleased Version - Remastered)

Shapes I (Previously Unreleased - 2016 Version

Maquam (2016 Version - Remastered)

Ming Noir (2016 Version - Remastered)