Land: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 018

Available to listen to and buy at Bandcamp

Release date: 28 June 2021

Format: digital download. Artwork and typography by Landschaft.

The work explained

A work in my English series written recorded and extensively re-worked during 2020/21. Taking inspiration in part from JA Baker's haunting 'The Peregrine' which Robert MacFarlane describes is his preface: "an elegy for a landscape...a fusion of the spiritual and the elemental..." and from the ruralist paintings and illustrations of John Nash, as seen through the lens of the Shell Chemical Company's 1960s 'Land' journal where his works illustrate issue number 10, 'Profile of a Farm'. Nash and Baker together distil their mood-time-experience via their art practice, and I take their perspective adding to it my own examination, my look back Hauntology of the countryside.

The artwork accompanying this album is elemental, a chalk scribble evoking a scarred landscape viewed from above, a Peregrine's view if you will, and evoking the spirit of Nash's reductionist landscapes.

Piece no 3, 'Charis' is a dedication to my wonderful wife Nicola who shares my passion for landscape and it's mysteries.