The True Path: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 009

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Release date: 16 November 2007

Format: Double CDR in a Super Jewel Case. Cover and disc artwork, typography and verse by Landschaft.

Each piece explained

Part I is a solemn hymn; part II an epiphany. Both are near monotones. Each piece interplays very subtle repeating phrases - each identical in melodic content, but in differentiated temporal layers. Canonical in the tradition of Bach and Pachelbel. My aim has been to produce a work that is both repeating but in such a rarified fashion as to approach abstraction - that stimulates the mind to build it's own pictures from a whole that is greater than the sum the parts. I commend you to listen to these works in a very quiet space, perhaps late at night with the volume turned down low or through high quality headphones.

The true path. Branching, rejoining, splitting, reforming. The journey of ideas across continents and in the mind. I recognise the wilderness of uncertainty and am convinced when I return to the true path that I know and trust.